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Wi-Fi has moved from a nascent technology to one that is core enabler of digitalized user experience. It is at center of Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Real Time Location (RTLS), and Smart devices, to name just a few. And, yet, even after years of evolution and innovation, wireless networks today require hands and heads. There is a need for an autonomic wireless management system that “watches” the network, “understands” normal functioning, “analyzes” real-time performance against norms and then “acts” to automatically solve known problems. This is where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence comes in.

In this book, you will learn fundamentals of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; and, what does the AI-enabled Wi-Fi network of tomorrow look like? How AI will help in delivering richer and differentiated user experiences? How do you build it? How do you house it? What are the pros and cons? What do you need to be ready for the AI-enabled Wi-Fi network?

Price: $89.95 (Release Date: 07/15/2018)

What you will learn with this Book

Fundamentals of ML & AI

State of the art introduction to the theory and practice of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, analytics, logical reasoning systems, neural networks, probability models, etc.

How AI will help

ML techniques and statistical models can be used for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis.

ML-enabled Wireless Design & Operation

ML can help with Proactive Network Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis and Predictive capacity planning.

Why AI for Wi-Fi

The data source in Wi-Fi network is very big and extremely dynamic. For example, the “data rate”, “retries” vary for every transmission. The reason for not able to “construct” the received message are specific for each message. The manual classification and analysis of this data is infeasible and uneconomic.

User Experience Optimization

Fundamental challenge in Wi-Fi network is to manage and allocate resources to meet user centric traffic demands under difficult constraints. Today, optimization relies on engineering knowledge and manual processing and analysis. AI can help with automated closed loop optimizations at runt

Active Security Protection

ML is essential for Behavioral analytics for detecting attacks, automatically analyzing varied data from multiple perspectives, and identifying the relationships between disparate actions. This will help with fast resolution and sometimes preventing security incidents.

Former Head of Engineering/Architecture of Worldwide Corporate Network at Google, Ajay is a technologist, business futurist, & prolific inventor with about 90 patents pending/issued specializing in artificial intelligence, Wi-Fi networking, Quantum computing, and Real Time Location.  He is author of “RTLS for Dummies” & “Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Networking”.

Ajay Malik is currently CEO & Founder of ORO Networks, an AI Company. Prior to ORO, Ajay has held executive roles at Google, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola. At Google, Ajay was head of architecture and engineering for the worldwide corporate network. Prior to Google, Ajay was senior vice president of engineering and products at Meru Networks where he led the transformation of the company’s technology resulting in its acquisition by Fortinet. He completed B.E in Computer Science & Technology from IIT, Roorkee, India, one of the premier institutes of India.

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In the next 5 to 10 years, only enterprises that provide premium user experience will excel. AI will play a critical role in automated operation and user experience optimization in Wi-Fi Networks.

Price: $89.95 (Release Date: 07/15/2018)

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